GCSE Chemistry

Online tuition to help students enjoy and succeed at Chemistry

If you are looking for extra support because you are falling behind or need stretch and challenge, I can help.

My students feel more confident and better prepared for their everyday lessons and final exams.

Some students understand what they are taught in lessons, however, if they lack the right exam technique they will underperform in tests. Others cannot engage with their learning at school, whether because the pace is too slow or fast, or the environment is not suitable for their learning. As a result, students may start losing self-confidence, which only makes things more difficult.

GCSE Chemistry tuition online

My services

One to one Chemistry tuition online

One to one tuition

  • Bespoke and flexible teaching
  • Optional 20 minute free introductory session
  • First lesson with 100 % money back guarantee 
  • Top notch support in and between lessons.
  • Suitable for:
    • Understanding content
    • Stretch and challenge
    • Home schooling
Small group Chemistry tuition online

Small group tuition

  • Small group ( 2 to 4 students)
  • Students grouped by exam board and ability
  • Optional 20 minute free introductory session
  • Initial 1:1 lesson with 100% money back guarantee
  • First group lesson with 100 % money back guarantee.
  • Safe and positive environment
Fran - Chemistry tutor in UK

I have been an A Level Chemistry Examiner and classroom teacher for 10 years, and private tutor for nearly 15. Over this time I have an excellent track record of students achievement.

My experience allows me to help students improve their learning, e.g. advising them on how to approach questions, how to revise Chemistry, improve exam technique, etc.

I’m a Chemistry specialist tutor, I only cover Chemistry and loads of it every year. This allows me to keep a sharp knowledge on the subject and have time to adapt resources for each exam board. I cover AQA, OCR, Edexcel and International GCSE.

I have developed a highly successful methodology to help you learn and be fully ready & confident for your exams. 

The first lesson has a 100 % money back guarantee so there’s no commitment until we know we are a good fit.

Click on the ‘Learn more’ button to see if I could help you.

My method


Independent learning

Coaching students to revise chemistry.
Providing resources, e.g. detailed answer sheets.


Identify areas for improvement

Knowledge gaps.
Exam technique.
Approach to questions.


Fill in gaps

Lessons are focussed with clear targets.
Learning is tangible and obvious.


Stretch and challenge

Thoughtful guidance to take a step towards a higher level.


Review, review and review

Reviewing is key to knowledge retention and deep understanding to be ready for exam questions

Chemistry, my learning method

Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge?

Please do get in contact with me and I will let you know asap

How do I know that you are the right tutor for my child?

As a scientist I’d say, let’s test it! I offer the first lesson with a 100% money back guarantee in case you were not fully satisfied.

What do you expect from your students?

Regular attendance and at least, a firm commitment to review the previous lesson before the next one. This is essential for learning to take place.

Which exam boards do you specialise in?

A level:

  • AQA, OCR, Edexcel and International A Level (Edexcel)



  • AQA, OCR, Edexcel and International GCSE (Edexcel)

Does online tuition work?

Many students had a very poor experience of e-learning over lockdown. Fortunately, this was not the case for my college students as I had been tutoring online since 2014 and making educational videos since 2017. Online tuition does absolutely work, in many instances, it’s even better than in person, e.g. students can easily keep and go back to all their lesson notes that include exam questions, images, diagrams… this would not be possible on paper. The only disadvantage comes if your internet connection is not good enough to have a stable video call, if this was the case I’m afraid I would not recommend it but otherwise, do try.

I’m considering the group tuition option for my daughter / son, does it work for everybody?

It really works for some students but not for everybody I’m afraid.

Group tuition works for students who are not completely overwhelmed by their course. I provide students with a huge amount of support and for some it is even better than 1:1 lessons.

If your child is really struggling with Chemistry and finding very difficult to understand it, then 1:1 would be more suitable.

Feel welcome to get in contact with me so that I know your child’s situation better and can advise you accordingly




More questions?

Top tips to learn Chemistry

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Top tips to learn Chemistry

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