About me

I teach to help my students and earn an income. However, If I wasn’t able to help my students, I would change job.

My name is Francisco, I am a Senior A Level Chemistry examiner, UK qualified and experienced teacher and tutor.

Since I was little, all the way through my university degree, I enjoy helping my classmates and felt very rewarded by it.

I started my degree in Chemistry with the aim to become a Chemistry teacher, however, mid-way through my studies, I got a rare voice condition and my plans fell through.

Fortunately, when one door closes, another one opens up. I got the chance to do a PhD. I enjoyed it and published papers that you can see below but, more importantly, I recovered my voice! 


I moved to London in 2009, did my teaching training and worked as a dedicated classroom teacher for 10 years.

In the same way I felt talented helping my classmates in one to ones or small groups, when I started teaching in the classroom, I wasn’t bad but equally I wasn’t entirely gifted!

I have always felt the importance of my job and never wanted to let down my students. This pushed me to put all my efforts into ensuring I could add value to their education. 

I worked very hard at planning lessons, developing resources, ways to explain difficult topics, and also, developing an effective methodology to teach Chemistry.

I adopted the spiral learning approach, and helped some of my colleagues in college to do so as well.

My first two years might have not been entirely successful by my standards but thereafter students were highly satisfied by my teaching and consistently achieved beyond expectations.

Alongside my school teaching, I have always been a private tutor, working online since 2014. It’s a job that I feel I can do well (according to my students’ reviews), it comes very natural to me. Also, it allows me to have more flexibility which is great when having a young family.

After much consideration, I decided to take the leap and become a full time private tutor, doing 1:1s, group sessions and partnerships with schools.

I fully enjoy this work and I’m entirely committed to it.

In addition to teaching…I do other things like playing chess and tennis. For a few years now I have been practising mindfulness. This is a practice to train your mind and voluntarily control your attention.

In a way, this is how I like working, mindfully. I enjoy focussing on how to help my students learn better. I want to do it wholeheartedly, not just half do it, it wouldn’t fulfil me.

Currently I live in the UK with my wife and daughters. 

Having children has been a real learning experience for me. Not just about the caring aspect (which as well!) but just seeing them, how they observe, how they feel…it’s good to remember that we all were children once and should try to keep some of that essence.

If you want to know who I am not…

I am not an agency…

or coursework/homework writer…

or a restricted access materials provider…

or a grade seller…

or a 24-7-365 worker

Working with me, your child will benefit from a professional, experienced and fully dedicated teacher. My aim is maximising my students’ learning experience and results.

Very rarely my students don’t make progress, and if that was the case, I’d let you know immediately.

Your child will feel fully supported and more confident that they can do well and achieve their grade. 

Click the button below to arrange a completely free 20 minute introductory meeting or to book a trial lesson. Here we’ll be able to discuss if I could be a good fit for your child


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Top tips to learn Chemistry

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