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I am a caring tutor with years of experience helping students to gain confidence and better results in GCSE or A Level Chemistry

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Fran - Chemistry tutor in UK

Hi, This is Dr Fran. I’m an A Level Chemistry Senior Examiner, Qualified Teacher and online Chemistry Tutor.

I help students develop their knowledge and confidence to succeed at their exams. After many years of teaching, I have mastered a methodology that allows them to learn better, enjoy the subject more and achieve higher grades.

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Get in touch and I’ll get back to you in less than 24 hours. The first lesson has a 100% money back guarantee

Feedback from Alexandrina
A Level Chemistry Edexcel

Francisco is an excellent and endlessly patient tutor, I always felt able to ask any question, no matter how seemingly simple. The tutoring was invaluable to me, as it taught me how to approach chemistry in terms of revision and exam technique. The resources he provided were great for consolidating knowledge. Also, Francisco was very thoughtful about how best to use the time during tutoring sessions to meet my needs. Even when I was no longer having tutoring sessions, I still used techniques I learnt from tutoring and studied topics in the same way.

At the end of AS I scrapped a B and found Chemistry impossible, now I have achieved an A* in my Chemistry A-Levels and these tutoring sessions played a big part in my achieving this, which I am very grateful for.

Feedback from Ludmila
GCSE Chemistry Edexcel

Francisco is an amazing tutor who tought my daughter throughout year 11. She got a 9 on GCSE Chemistry, 2 grades higher than what she was working at before tuition. Francisco is very knowledgeable, patient and very encouraging tutor. I would highly recommend him.

Feedback from Violet
GCSE Chemistry AQA

Fran tutored both my children in chemistry. One is a maths-hating reluctant learner who just had a couple of last minute lessons before the exam, the other a maths-loving enthusiastic learner who worked worked with Fran weekly for a year. Both achieved their best result. The reluctant learner achieved a 7 in his Further Additional Science; the enthusiastic learner achieved a 9 in his Chemistry GCSE and just scored 100% in his first A level test as he is so well prepared for the future. Both they and I feel extremely lucky to have benefited from Fran’s excellent tuition.

Feedback from Ramzan
A Level Chemistry AQA

Francisco has been really great. He is patient and has taught my son techniques to solve Chemistry problems and questions. He has been really flexible with working around days we could not make and is really good at explaining things that my son did not understand. Fran has done a great job to turn around my son’s very low AS grade to an A. Fran is very reliable, helpful, and a pleasure to work with.

Feedback from Paras
A Level Chemistry OCR (A)

This tutor has your genuine interest and is dedicated to get the results you desire. Friendly and approachable.

Feedback from Margaret
A Level Chemistry

I found Fran a really excellent A Level Chemistry tutor. He is very good at explaining topics and clarifying any doubts and misconceptions. He focuses in and teaches to the actual examination questions. In addition to lessons he emailed me lots of good and helpful worksheets and answers on multiple topics which I worked through in my own time. It is a pity I had not met Fran earlier in my Chemistry course and I would certainly highly recommend him to you.

Feedback from Daniel Ebrahim
GCSE Chemistry

Have been very impressed with Francisco. He is always on time, friendly and has excellent subject knoweledge. His hourly rate is very reasonable, he is quick to reply to emails/texts and goes out of his way to help you. I have learnt so much from Franciso’s lessons, and think he has greatly improved my GCSE grade. His tutoring style is great. I would recommend Francisco without doubt.

Feedback from Nilesh
A Level Chemistry Edexcel

Francisco (Fran) personalises and tailors every lesson and challenges my abilities to ensure that I can reach my full potential. Extremely polite, professional and dedicated tutor, who goes above and beyond. Help with exam preparation is amazing and highly recommend! Always goes an extra mile to see improvements, Fran will always help with queries without any hesitation, even if it is not during our lesson. He has wide range of resources and questions!

Thank you so much Fran!!

Feedback from Shivani
A Level Chemistry OCR

Fran has been great for my son. My son was not able to keep a consistent level in his chemistry at A level. He was finding it difficult and was losing interest. Fran in a short period of time helped him not only overcome the difficult topics but created an interest in the subject, which resulted in him getting an A at his A levels. Thank you Fran for all your help and support to Malhar. You have been great.

Feedback from Susana
A Level Chemistry OCR

Francisco is very helpful and is always willing to support his students. He is very patient and dedicated tutor.
Definitely someone you can rely on!

My method


Independent learning

Coaching students to revise chemistry.
Providing resources, e.g. detailed answer sheets.


Identify areas for improvement

Knowledge gaps.
Exam technique.
Approach to questions.


Fill in gaps

Lessons are focussed with clear targets.
Learning is tangible and obvious.


Stretch and challenge

Thoughtful guidance to take a step towards a higher level.


Review, review and review

Reviewing is key to knowledge retention and deep understanding to be ready for exam questions

Chemistry, my learning method

My services


Chemistry online tuition to help students achieve higher grades.

A-Level / iA Level

Chemistry online tuition to help students achieve higher grades.

Partnerships with schools

Extra support sessions for your students to boost their learning and grades – only for A Level Chemistry.

Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge?

Please do get in contact with me and I will let you know asap

How do I know that you are the right tutor for my child?

As a scientist I’d say, let’s test it! I offer the first lesson with a 100% money back guarantee in case you were not fully satisfied.

What do you expect from your students?

Regular attendance and at least, a firm commitment to review the previous lesson before the next one. This is essential for learning to take place.

Which exam boards do you specialise in?

A level:

  • AQA, OCR, Edexcel and International A Level (Edexcel)



  • AQA, OCR, Edexcel and International GCSE (Edexcel)

Does online tuition work?

Many students had a very poor experience of e-learning over lockdown. Fortunately, this was not the case for my college students as I had been tutoring online since 2014 and making educational videos since 2017. Online tuition does absolutely work, in many instances, it’s even better than in person, e.g. students can easily keep and go back to all their lesson notes that include exam questions, images, diagrams… this would not be possible on paper. The only disadvantage comes if your internet connection is not good enough to have a stable video call, if this was the case I’m afraid I would not recommend it but otherwise, do try.

I’m considering the group tuition option for my daughter / son, does it work for everybody?

It really works for some students but not for everybody I’m afraid.

Group tuition works for students who are not completely overwhelmed by their course. I provide students with a huge amount of support and for some it is even better than 1:1 lessons.

If your child is really struggling with Chemistry and finding very difficult to understand it, then 1:1 would be more suitable.

Feel welcome to get in contact with me so that I know your child’s situation better and can advise you accordingly




More questions?

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Top tips to learn Chemistry

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